July 14, 2024

Hubject and EvGateway enter into a roaming agreement

Hubject and EvGateway enter into a roaming agreement

Hubject has announced its collaboration with freight infrastructure provider EvGateway for North America and Europe. EvGateway not only joins the Intercharge network but also uses other Hubject services.

Utilizing the full range of Hubject’s eRoaming and Plug & Charge services, EvGateway simplifies both the authentication and authorization processes for its customers and, by joining the Intercharge network, ensures full interoperability of its charging solutions, as described in the Hubject blog post. EvGateway offers integrated solutions to optimally manage EV charging infrastructure.

Important to EvGateway’s business in North America: Through Hubject’s Plug & Charge solution and joining the Intercharge network, EvGateway meets the requirements set by the US government for creating a nationwide network of charging stations – for example ease of access via roaming.

“We are thrilled to have EvGateway as a strong strategic partner to work with us on expanding our eRoaming and Plug & Charge service in North America and beyond. But also in international markets such as Latin America, Europe and Asia, we will be able to accelerate the adoption of e-mobility by creating an easy-to-use charging system with Hubject’s eRoaming and Plug & Charge offerings.”

The Intercharge network now includes over 500,000 connected charging points operated by over 1,250 B2B partners.

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