June 24, 2024

Students only want vegetarian food in the canteen

February 23, 2023

In many universities there is now also vegetarian food in canteens. For some, the choice is diverse, for others, the assortment is rather limited. Cambridge University students have now voted 72 per cent in favor of offering entirely vegan food in their cafes and cafes, such as Parents mentioned.

After the students have made their decision, the application will now be discussed with the catering service and university administration. Whether the decision will be implemented is yet to be decided. As early as 2016, Elite University removed beef and lamb dishes from the menu.

“The University of Cambridge eliminated ruminant meat from all university cafeteria menus in 2016 and pursues a sustainable food policy that also aims to actively promote vegetarian options, eliminate unsustainable fish from the menu and reduce food waste. We are always happy to receive suggestions from students and staff,” said a University spokesperson. Parents.

The student project was initiated by representatives of the British organization “Plant based universitiesAccording to a representative of the organization, the decision could significantly reduce the ecological footprint of the university. These campaigns for vegan canteens throughout Great Britain.

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