September 29, 2023

How to do the 2022 Tour de France in the UK and the US against

How to do the 2022 Tour de France in the UK and the US against

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(Pocket-lint) – The 2022 Tour de France begins on July 1 and will cover 21 stages and finish on July 24.

This year’s riders will start in Denmark and finish on the Champs Elysees in Paris.

Climbing the French Alps, the cobbled streets of northern France, and quick descents with rough bends await them.

We are sure that you will not want to miss a minute of the event. Find out here how you can join the excitement.

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How to watch the 2022 Tour de France in the UK

All 21 stages will be broadcast live in the UK on Eurosport, Discover +and GCN+ and ITV.

Eurosport provides comprehensive coverage of the entire event and is included in most digital TV packages at no additional cost.

ITV4 will provide a daily live report and show highlights of the evening. ITV4 is free with all digital TV packages.

If you prefer to stream online, then ITV Axis Free access if you have a TV license and UK resident.

However, if you want to see a complete and uninterrupted program, you should Discover + Or watch GCN+. These options cost £6.99 per month. For a yearly subscription, the GCN + app costs £39.99 per year, while Discovery + costs £59.99.

If you are an existing customer, you can also watch TV through Eurosport Player, but the service does not accept new subscriptions. However, you can access Discovery+ content or a file DISCOVER + ENTERTAINMENT AND SPORT Scroll as add to your add amazon prime video subscription For 6.99 euros per month.

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How to watch the 2022 Tour de France in the US

In the US (and Canada), NBC will broadcast the Tour de France daily, with highlights and on-demand options along with live coverage.

If you want to watch online, you can do so via Premium Peacock do, which offers full live streaming for $4.99 per month, with ad-free access for an additional $5 per month.

You can also Use a VPNTo watch ITV Hub if you are outside the UK, whether it is in the US or elsewhere. This allows you to watch all the shows as if you were in the UK, but you will need a valid TV license as well as an ITV account with a UK postcode, so it’s not as easy as it seems at first.

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