How Fashion Nova Is Supporting At-Risk Youths Through Arts

Historically, March is regarded as Women’s History Month. In honor of this month, Fashion Nova, a leading global fashion brand, partnered with celebrated cultural icon, rapper Megan Thee Stallion, to run a female empowerment program branded Women on Top.

This initiative was run along with other Fashion Nova Cares activism and awareness campaigns. It focused on empowering women by putting them a step closer to achieving their dreams.

It targeted women-based and female-focused educational institutions, businesses, organizations, and foundations, as well as individual women doing great things. The aim was to donate $25,000 or more to different preselected recipients from a rich donation investment of $1M. The money was disbursed in the form of grants, scholarships, and donations.

A female-led organization, AIM 4 The Heart, founded by Leila Steinberg, was among the recipients. It received $25,000.

This organization was founded to see the transformation of education at its core, to help appreciate the value of “HeART Education” while still instilling emotional literacy by training at-risk youths in arts. Since its establishment, it has created a model of community-based programs that employ art to impact the lives of at-risk youths positively.

Fashion Nova made this donation public and urged people to support this organization through a Facebook post that read, “Leila Steinberg founded @aim4theheartorg to manifest her vision of an educational system transformed at its core to recognize the value of ‘HeART Education’ and to instill emotional literacy through training in the arts. For over 30 years, AIM 4 the Heart has created and implemented a sustainable model of community-based programs that use the arts to positively intervene in the lives of at-risk youths. The educational sessions dually consider the emotional needs and development of the participants while promoting facilitating artists’ awareness of and willingness to share their own emotional development, experiences, knowledge and talents. Head to to learn more about the incredible work they do!”

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