June 14, 2024

Hong Kong: Evacuation of a Cathay Boeing 777, injuring 11

A Boeing 777 of the domestic airline had to cancel takeoff in Hong Kong. Eleven passengers were injured during the evacuation process at the gate.

Cathay Pacific Flight CX880 was bound for Los Angeles. But the Boeing 777-300ER, with 17 crew members and 293 passengers on board, didn’t get very far early Saturday (June 24) morning. Because the device with registration number B-KPQ had to cancel its start at Hong Kong International Airport.

Cathay Pacific cites “technical problems” as the reason for the aborted takeoff without specifying them in more detail. State TV channel RTHK quoted police as saying that one of the plane’s tires had overheated. That’s why it broke.

Two passengers are still in the hospital

Flightradar 24 flight tracking portal shows that the Boeing 777 had already used more than half of the 3,800-meter runway 07R and accelerated to 240 kilometers per hour when the cockpit crew applied the brakes. Everything ran smoothly.

The Boeing 777 then rushed to the gate, where it was evacuated “as a precaution,” Cathay Pacific wrote in a statement. Guests left them through emergency slides. Eleven of them were injured. The airline said nine of them have already been able to leave hospital. Two treatments will continue. “Our colleagues will continue to support hospitalized riders and their families.”

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