May 22, 2024

Harry rejects appeal for reduced police protection – South Tyrol News

Prince Harry has lost his appeal against the reduction of his police security during a visit to Great Britain. Harry filed the lawsuit after the British government said he would not receive the “same level” of publicly funded police protection while in the UK after stepping down from his royal duties in 2020.

The youngest son of the British King Charles III. A court spokeswoman said on Monday that she had unsuccessfully tried to appeal the verdict. London's High Court ruled in February that the British government had acted lawfully. A spokesman for Harry said at the time that the US-based prince would appeal to the Court of Appeal to “get justice”. Ultimately, his spokesman explained that the Duke of Sussex was not seeking “preferential treatment” but only the “fair and lawful” application of personal protection rules.

Harry and his wife, former American actress Meghan Markle, stepped back from their royal duties in 2020. They now live in Meghan's native California with their children, Archie and Lilibet. British authorities later decided to decide on police protection for Prince Harry and his family only on a case-by-case basis, and not provide it in principle.

Harry told a court hearing in December that he had been banned from traveling to Britain for security reasons. “England is my home. “The United Kingdom is central to my children's heritage,” Prince Harry said in a written statement read to the court. However, he cannot travel with his family to Great Britain “unless they can be protected”.

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“I can't put my wife's life at risk like that and given my life experience, I'm reluctant to put myself at risk unnecessarily,” Harry insisted. His lawyers also argued that Prince Harry's guardians do not have sufficient powers to adequately protect him in the United Kingdom. Additionally, they would not have access to British intelligence information.

Prince Harry rarely visits his home country. Relations with the royal family have been strained, particularly with her older brother, Crown Prince William. After his father Charles III was diagnosed with cancer. In early February, Prince Harry immediately met the king in London.

Posted by: APA/AFP