Grizzlies runs with Spencer Machak

Before the semi-finals: Grizzlies extends with Spencer Machak

Wolfsburg.The Grizzlies extended the contract with their current captain Spencer Machak by one year ahead of the upcoming semi-finals at Dell. Born in Canada, he has played in Lower Saxony since 2018 and is a fixture in coach Mike Stewart’s squad.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

Not only in the victorious quarter-final series against Bremerhaven Machak has proven his great value to the Grizzlies. The 33-year-old Canadian has featured prominently as a captain and scorer, and led his team to the semi-finals in the absence of injured and regular captain Sebastian Furchner.

In Germany since 2014

My Machcheck come from Lethbridge/Canada. Made 25 National Hockey League games (2 goals and seven assists) for the Atlanta and Winnipeg Jets. During his time at the AHL, Machacek was also an assistant captain.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

Mashagic has been playing in Germany since 2014. After eight goals and 27 assists for Augsburg, he moved to Isbreen Berlin, where he scored 49 points in two seasons. In DEG, the winger scored 13 goals with 15 assists before moving to Wolfsburg.

crowd favorite

Machacek has been part of the Grizzlys family since 2018 and quickly became one of the most entertaining people ever. In 205 DEL matches, the right player scored 70 goals and provided 62 assists.

“We all know how important Spencer is to our organization with his personality and his way of playing. Therefore, we are very happy that we were able to extend his expiring contract again,” said Grizzly manager Charly Fliegauf.

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