July 15, 2024

Boxing: Tyson Fury wants the biggest fight ever against Anthony Joshua – SportMix

Boxing: Tyson Fury wants the biggest fight ever against Anthony Joshua – SportMix

It will be a sensation – will Tyson Fury (33) return from the pension fund?

Shortly after his knockout victory over Dillian White (34) at Wembley in April, the English world heavyweight champion declared the end of his active career.

Then, just minutes after the fight had ended, Fury said: “I accomplished everything I wanted to achieve. I would be the second heavyweight in history, after Rocky Marciano, to retire undefeated. I was undefeated in that match.” His record: 33 fights, 32 wins (including 23 by knockout) and 1 draw.

Fury wants the biggest fight ever!

But now the “Gypsy King” is being drawn out of retirement again – with a possible fight in Saudi Arabia against Anthony Joshua (32) and a huge fee!

Fury, a father of six, said: “I’ll be back in the ring 100 percent, just like in the movie when Jerry Maguire yelled, ‘Show me the money! “If anyone can show me money, it’s Frank Warren. I call him the Magical Man and we’ll make things big and big.”

And further: “If you want me, it will cost you something.”

Experts predict that promoter Frank Warren, 70, who has already been said to be working on a secret deal, will demand £200m to take on Joshua – on the condition that he defeats Ukraine’s Oleksandr Usyk (35).


Boxer Anthony Joshua

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Usyk defeated Joshua in London last year and snatched the WBA, WBO and IBF World Championship belts from “AJ”. The contractually agreed retaliation is scheduled for the summer, which media reports say will happen in Saudi Arabia.

A gang source close to Fury camp told The Sun: “There has been talk of a £200m bilateral deal between Fury and Joshua – and it still could happen. But that kind of money will only be generated if Joshua defeats Usek.”

He continued: “The Battle of Britain will be real and will bring in huge profits for every show, with one fight at Wembley and the other in Saudi Arabia likely. If Usyk wins, the prize money will be closer to £100 million.”


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Anyway, Fury is already burning for his comeback. He said, “I train twice a day, every day, running in the morning and weights and boxing in the evening. I enjoy running a minimum of four miles and a maximum of six miles, I race and I play.”

Next: “I’m a prize fighter and I fight for prizes, but it gets expensive if you want me. Until then, Big Mac stays in Morecambe, works like crazy, cuts and shaves his hair on Mondays, washes his car on Tuesdays, takes out the trash on Wednesdays, He exercises every day.”

So Fury is ready to come back from boxing…

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