June 17, 2024

Britain wants to test travelers twice

Great Britain lowered the warning level – news.ORF.at

A panel of experts in the UK has lowered the coronavirus pandemic alert level from the highest level 5 to 4. The London Department of Health announced today. In the letter, she said, the risk of a collapse in the health system within weeks was no longer given due to the continuing drop in key numbers.

However, experts cautioned against neglect. “We should not be under any illusions – the infection rate, the pressure on hospitals and the number of deaths are still high.” The vaccination program is soon expected to have a major impact. Until then, however, it is important to remain vigilant and observe the rules to contain the pandemic.

Measures unchanged

The country’s lockdown measures remain unchanged for now, although the warning level was low. Public life in Great Britain has been largely on hold since the start of January. For the most part of England, Prime Minister Boris Johnson presented a roadmap to gradually lift measures on Monday. On March 8th, schools there should open again. The government plans to lift all lockdown measures by June 21.

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