December 8, 2023

GP Canada 2022 power rating: Red Bull's progress

GP Canada 2022 power rating: Red Bull’s progress

Canada Grand Prix 2022

Red Bull also wins on tracks where Ferrari is faster. As always, Mercedes got the most out of its range. The World Constructors champion shines with two winning cards: its engines and reliability. We analyzed the Montreal performance of all 10 teams in the model check.

Ferrari will cry for missed opportunities at the end of the season. Once again, the F1-75 was the fastest car. Red Bull won again for the sixth time in a row. Something always comes up for Ferrari. This time the starting place penalty for Charles Leclerc. And not being brave enough to give Carlos Sainz a bunch of leeks for the last 15 laps of the safety car phase.

Sainz was about three tenths faster than Max Verstappen on average. But to beat it would have needed a delta of 0.6 seconds. This was only possible with the softest, smoothest tires. Charles Leclerc was doing damage control. Traction issues slowed his progress. There, too, there was more to it than fifth.


KEEP YOUR BACK: Lewis Hamilton celebrated his podium finish in Canada without much bouncing. His teammate George Russell finished fourth behind him.

Alfa Romeo is making the earth again

Mercedes has come home with 27 points for the fourth time this season. This is the maximum at the moment. Therefore, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell need third and fourth and need outside help. This time Red Bull distributed the gift. Sergio Perez retired with a damaged gearbox. Mercedes drivers regularly get the most out of their collection. This is talking about her. The Mercedes is bulletproof. This talks about the package. Unfortunately not fast enough. Again seven tenths are missing.

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Behind the Mercedes come the elevator crews. The Alps and Alfa Romeo went up, McLaren and Alfa Torri went down. Like Ferrari, Albin must say: There could have been more. Alfa-Sauber got what was possible. Aston Martin blew his chances on Saturday. Do not expect miracles from the 16th and 17th places on the grid, although the car showed renewed potential.

Canadian GP 2022 . Power Ranking

Here’s a brief overview of the power standings for the race in Montreal. As always, you can find the detailed model check of all 10 teams in the slideshow.

  1. Red Bull (1)
  2. Ferrari (2)
  3. Mercedes (3)
  4. Alpine (6)
  5. Alfa Romos (8)
  6. Aston Martin (5)
  7. McLaren (7)
  8. Haas (9)
  9. Alpha Tory (4)
  10. William (10)

*In parentheses after the Azerbaijan Grand Prix