October 3, 2023

Für die Gorillas-Beschäftigten in Spanien kommen die Kündigungen offenbar überraschend.

Gorillas wants to close Spain – 300 employees before dismissal

The faltering delivery service continues to cut costs with employees. Now it hits Spain. The layoffs may come as a surprise to those affected.

For Gorillas employees in Spain, the layoffs seem to have come as a surprise.
Photo Alliance / Robin Utrecht | Robin Utrecht

Express delivery service in Berlin Gorillas is planning to lay off hundreds of employees again. The reason is that all activities on the site have stopped in Spain, such as Many Spanish media Constantly report. A total of about 300 employees, including drivers, are affected. Gorillas have so far been active in the cities of Madrid, Valencia, Alicante and Barcelona. All production sites and warehouses there will be closed soon.

Gorillas informs Grunderszen that on June 15 “legal procedures to examine the downsizing have begun.” Employees are required to appoint appropriate representatives for the negotiations. There will also likely be severance payments. A spokeswoman said customers in Spanish cities would continue until further notice.

The layoffs came as a surprise to the employees. According to the news site Confidencial Newspaper The country director in charge of Spain, Magdalena Szoskewicz, is said to have denied such plans at the end of May. As I told the broker at the time, Gorillas was only looking for a buyer for his Spanish business. Apparently without success, as it now appears.

Second mass layoff in a few weeks

Just three weeks ago, gorillas cut their jobs dramatically. More than 300 employees have been laid off at the headquarters in Berlin – nearly half of the team. The company is working in order to become profitable but it needs to adjust the cost structure. “Against the backdrop of our business objectives, we carefully examined our human structures and made the difficult decision to reorganize our teams around the world,” she said.

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Gorillas is laying off more than 300 employees – about half of all employees at headquarters

However, until then more job cuts were expected. In the future, they want to focus on the five primary markets of Germany, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands and the United States, which, according to the company, account for 90 percent of total sales. Since then, a “strategic review” of operational activities has been carried out in Italy, Spain, Denmark and Belgium.

Breaking faster is just one reason for layoffs. The delivery service also takes care of making itself attractive to new investors while saving costs. As Gründerszene reported in February, CEO Kagan Sümer wants to raise “$700 million or more”. However, the financing round has not yet been completed.