February 25, 2024

Goose Bay: Three Delta Airbus A330s visit a remote Canadian town

One, two or three? Three Delta Airbus A330s were at Goose Bay Airport at the same time. An unfortunate chain reaction was the cause.

Delta’s Airbus A330, registration N811NW, had already crossed the Atlantic Ocean on Sunday, December 10. He came from Amsterdam and went to Detroit with 270 passengers on board. But over Canada, the cockpit crew noticed a problem. She was informed of this, according to the portal specialized in accidents Aviation Herald Difficulties in removing ice.

The crew requested an unscheduled landing at Goose Bay. The small town in Newfoundland has a population of just 8,000 people. Its airport serves primarily as a Canadian Air Force base and is only regularly served by airlines such as Borealis Airlines and PAL Airways.

Mechanical problems

However, unscheduled landings are known there. The airport became famous when an Air France Airbus A380 landed there after various engine parts exploded.

The Delta Air Lines Airbus A330 landed without any further incident. The crew confirmed that a state of emergency had been declared as an extremely precautionary measure. In an official statement, the airline cited mechanical problems as the reason for diverting the plane.

Bad weather

It wasn’t just long-haul jets that visited Goose Bay these days. Delta sent the replacement A330 aircraft, numbered N816NW, to the Canadian city to pick up passengers and crew who had exceeded their working hours after the unscheduled landing.

But she was unable to take off again as planned because the weather in Newfoundland had become so bad that take-off and landing in Goose Bay was no longer possible. At least one member of the replacement pilot’s cockpit crew also exceeded his working hours.

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There is still one plane in Canada

As a result, there were more long-haul Delta jets parked at Goose Bay at the same time than at many airports outside the United States. Because Delta sent a third Airbus A330 on its flight into the cold. It has registration number N851NW.

The passengers and two Airbus A330 aircraft have now departed Goose Bay. According to flight tracking service Flightradar, aircraft N851NW is currently scheduled to depart on December 13 at 9:00 a.m. local time. “We apologize to customers for this inconvenience,” Delta said of the bizarre incident.