July 15, 2024

Google Pixel 8: smartphones are getting an important update

Google Pixel 8: smartphones are getting an important update

Google is currently releasing an update for Pixel smartphones aimed at fixing various issues – especially in the areas of display and NFC. However, the recent memory access issue remains unresolved at the moment.

Google has released a new update for its Pixel smartphones, which is also the first for the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. Although it doesn’t introduce any new features, the update fixes important issues that users have been complaining about in online forums for months. These improvements affect both the Pixel 8 series and earlier models.

Screen problems are eliminated

Pixel 8 Pro and Co.: Screen issues are said to have been fixed thanks to the new update.

Photo: Chip/Marlon Magura

One of the major issues that the update addresses is related to screen and graphics issues. Some users have reported a “green flash” occurring on the screen in certain situations. This issue has been reported for some time.

Another problem called the “green goblin” of pixels has appeared in several ways. Some users reported a green bar on the screen, while others reported constantly flickering or discolored screens. These issues have been reported across multiple generations, including the Pixel 6 series.

NFC failure has been eliminated

Google Pixel 7: Previously had issues with NFC failure, which have now been fixed.

Photo: Chip/Marcus Kampf

Google has also fixed NFC-related issues. There have been complaints about contactless payment failing, especially with the Pixel 7 series. Older models like the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4 were also affected. A recent report describes the Pixel 7 Pro’s NFC system failing after updating to Android 14.

Fixed another issue with background alignment, which was discovered during the Android beta testing phase and has now been resolved.

Memory problems are not part of the problem solutions?

Interestingly, the update notes don’t mention anything about fixing a recent issue where Pixel 8 owners had difficulty accessing storage space after the Android 14 update. Google has released a preemptive solution via the Google Play channel, but there is currently no solution available for users who have their devices in operating mode or who had to reset it to factory settings.

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