YouTube Premium is free with two free apps

YouTube hides some of its best features behind the payment barrier. Those who want to forgo the premium subscription can easily bypass the annoying limitations of the video platform with YouTube Vanced and NewPipe Android apps. We have tested the apps for you.

If you are using YouTube on your Android smartphone, you will probably want some features that are only available for money. For most users, there is no PIP or video playback when the smartphone is locked in the official app. Community projects such as YouTube fancied to equip youtube app on your smartphone with such practical extra features. These features are already available for paying premium customers. NewPipe has developed its own YouTube app which, in addition to running in the background, allows downloading of clips.

YouTube fancied And NewPipe So it bypassed some limitations, and thus should be a thorn in Google’s side. However, YouTube Vanced usually does not allow you to save videos offline and distribute files via WhatsApp & Co. Instead, you will be notified of your official YouTube subscription as usual. However, background playback isn’t everything YouTube fancied Could you.

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YouTube Vanced: The advanced YouTube app

YouTube Vanced: The most important features of the application are background play and picture-in-picture mode
YouTube Vanced: The most important features of the application are background play and picture-in-picture mode

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YouTube fancied It consists of several components and is therefore easy to install using the associated manager, which you can use with YouTube Vanced APK-Download Receipt. This is how you get the original YouTube app which is equipped with many add-ons. ´

You can choose your preferred language and design during installation. On smartphones with an OLED display, we recommend the version with true dark mode, which is easy on the battery and the eyes. With background play or picture-in-picture mode, you can still listen to or watch videos when you switch to another app. Audio playback works even when the screen is locked.

Downloads are not free via YouTube Vanced. However, with a YouTube Premium subscription, you can listen to videos and songs anywhere and support your favorite artists. However, you can make private copies SnapTube or TubeMate Extract can extract media files from YouTube

NewPipe: The Best YouTube Client

in a NewPipe Directly built in video download function. Unlike YouTube Vanced, the app is a more privacy-friendly alternative to the classic YouTube app rather than an extended version, and thus does not require a large number of unnecessary licenses, as it is only 8MB in size and impresses with its elegant design and ease of use. as prepared NewPipe More privacy than the official YouTube app, the alternative works without Google Play Services.

block function to advertise in NewPipe It is directly integrated and unfortunately cannot be turned off to support video creators. The video player itself is customizable and has some useful features as well. You can adjust the speed of the videos and choose whether the video should fill the screen or be shown with black bars. In order to avoid high data consumption in mobile communications, the maximum quality level can be set. Alternatively, you can simply download the videos in different formats at home for later use. You can also only save the soundtrack if you wish.

With an ad blocker, websites like are the most important source of income. For example, we use advertising to fund our editorial team, our CHIP Test Center, and our download server. Thanks to ads, our offer is always free for you. So we recommend you to use YouTube regularly The official YouTube appwhich supports video creators.

Benedict's pool

Benedict’s pool

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The real dark mode for YouTube

YouTube Vanced tweaks the useful and practical features of the YouTube app without having to get used to a different interface. NewPipe offers its own user interface, but the download function is directly integrated. Background playback and picture-in-picture player are two features I don’t want to be without anymore. The absolute blocking, however, is the irrevocable ad blocker, which removes important income from video makers. We recommend using the regular YouTube app.

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