December 7, 2023

Google makes two-factor authentication the standard

Google makes two-factor authentication the standard

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Two is better: With two-factor authentication, users are better protected against data theft. Photo: Zacharie Scheurer / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

How does two-factor authentication work in practice?

When logging in to a Google service, for example on a laptop, users receive a push message on their mobile phone after entering the password. It confirms that you are currently logged into the computer.

To be able to use the function, the Gmail app for iOS users must be installed. There is no need to download the app for Android users.

However, two-factor authentication is not activated without the user’s knowledge. Google first sends an email that 2FA is now set.

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Two-factor authentication can be turned off

If you do not want to use this mechanism, you can deactivate authentication in the security settings. To do this, click on “Security” in the account settings and deactivate the “2-step confirmation” option under “Signing in to Google”.

Important to know: Login will continue to work without double security.

“No one’s forced,” says Jeroen Kemberman, Google product manager. However, two-factor authentication is the best defense against data theft. “It’s free and easy. Hackers will need a cell phone and a password to get into someone else’s accounts – and that’s a much bigger hurdle.”

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