December 5, 2023

Gaza Strip: Al-Shifa Hospital stopped working

Gaza strip

The largest hospital must stop operations

Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza is no longer functioning, according to a doctor and the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Health.


As one doctor reported, the majority of employees have left Al-Shifa Hospital.

France Press agency

  • According to reports, Al-Shifa Hospital, the largest clinic in Gaza, has stopped operating.

  • According to the doctor, there is no longer electricity.

  • It was not initially possible to independently verify the information.

According to a doctor from the Ministry of Health, which is controlled by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), the largest clinic in the Gaza Strip is no longer operating. The doctor at Al-Shifa Hospital, Ghassan Abu Sitta, told the German News Agency on Saturday, “There is no longer electricity.” Rockets also hit the site. “The majority of staff have left the hospital.” The wounded who could have left. According to him, seriously injured people are still being cared for by a basic medical team. It was not initially possible to independently verify the information.

According to the doctor, there is only one clinic in the Gaza Strip operating now, which is Al-Ahli Hospital. The area there was turned into a hospital. The World Health Organization announced on Friday that 20 out of 36 hospitals in the coastal region are currently no longer operational. The remaining clinics were operating in emergency mode only due to fuel shortages, among other things. Clinics need fuel to operate generators to produce electricity.

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Fighting near the hospital

In recent days, there have been reports of heavy fighting near Al-Shifa Hospital. The clinic director spoke of “Israeli attacks” on the clinic buildings. The Israeli army accused Hamas of direct bombardment. Accordingly, an incorrectly fired Hamas projectile, which was said to have been aimed at nearby Israeli forces, reportedly hit the clinic. It was not initially possible to independently verify the information provided by both sides.

According to Israeli intelligence services, Hamas, which rules the coastal area, uses the Shifa clinic as a command and control center. This information cannot currently be independently verified.

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