December 8, 2023

Fury Games: You can destroy everything in this room, you have 15 minutes!

Italian franchise “Anger Games” is now also presenting “Rage Rooms” in Rome. The hotel offers soundproofed rooms where you can smash things to your heart’s content while listening to your favorite music.

If you build it, they’ll cite the ’90s movie Field of Dreams – a quote that the creators of the Italian dream series Anger Games clearly took to heart.

The facility offers soundproofed rooms where you pay to smash things while listening to your favorite music.

According to the company, this allows people to vent their anger in a safe environment and have fun.

Visitors wear protective gear, including a hard jacket, helmet, goggles, shin guards and sturdy shoes.

All “rage sessions” are filmed by a security camera and displayed live on two monitors so that the safety of all involved can be monitored. Customers can also purchase the picks for an additional fee.

“The objects are glass vials, ceramics, small electronic objects, but also computer monitors, printers, pieces of furniture and everything that can be broken with a crowbar,” explains store manager Daniele Bocardi.

A session with 20 pieces to destroy costs 30 euros.

If that’s not enough, you can opt for the €50 ‘Deluxe Pack’ containing 40 items.

Sessions can be conducted as an individual or group activity with up to 8 people.

Anger’s first toy store opened in Milan in 2018.

After this success, the brand has expanded to other northern Italian cities including Turin in 2020 and Genoa in 2022.

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One of the founders, Alessandro Marchetti, decided to invest in the business after visiting a anger room in the US, where the concept had been tried and tested for several years.

However, the benefit of so-called “crush therapy” is controversial. Some therapists have expressed skepticism about whether dreams of anger are actually beneficial for mental health.