December 4, 2023

From Tel Aviv: What flights are currently available from Israel to Germany?

In addition to the upcoming Lufthansa special flights, there are still regular flights from Tel Aviv to Germany. Overview.

Starting Thursday, Lufthansa will operate special flights to transport Germans from Israel. Meanwhile, the State Department also points to other exit options. For example, by land to Jordan or via flights, which, unlike scheduled flights of the Lufthansa Group, have not yet been suspended.

The Foreign Ministry wrote: “Flights continue to depart from Ben Gurion International Airport (including El Al Airport). “Please also check flights to other countries so you can fly to Germany from there. You can also use less popular airlines, such as Tus Airways, which offer direct flights to Düsseldorf, but also Arkia or Israir. But what flights are available to Germany?*

Ryanair and EasyJet

Ryanair connects Tel Aviv with Berlin, Memmingen and Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden. The low cost airline flew on 8/9. October, but all flights have been canceled until October 12. Flights to Memmingen can be booked again on the Ryanair website from 14 October, and to Karlsruhe and Berlin from 16 October.

EasyJet has canceled its flights from Tel Aviv to Berlin until 11 October, and according to the schedule it will not fly the route on 12 October. According to the reservation system, flights will be scheduled again starting on the 13th, with flights to the German capital on the 13th and 14th being fully booked.

Lufthansa and Elal

Lufthansa flights between Tel Aviv, Frankfurt and Munich are currently canceled until October 14. As of October 15, flights to both destinations can be booked again on the German airline’s website.

El Al continues its non-stop flights to Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin. According to the Israeli airline’s website, there are free seats to Frankfurt and Berlin only as of October 19, and to Munich as of October 20.

Tus Airlines and Israir

Tus Airlines continues its flights from Tel Aviv to Dusseldorf. On October 9, the Cyprus airline stopped at its base in Larnaca. The next flight will be on October 12th and the next flight that can be booked on the Tus website will be on October 16th.

The Israir plane flies from Tel Aviv to Berlin. However, according to flight tracking portal Flightradar 24, the airline’s October 12 flight was cancelled. The next bookable flight cannot be found on the airline’s website until October 22. The Arkia plane mentioned by the Foreign Ministry does not fly to Germany, but to Amsterdam and Paris.

*The mode and display can change constantly. The information in this article is as of the morning of October 11 at approximately 10:30 a.m.