October 3, 2023

Friends in the Front Row: Friends Till the Lights Out – Sports news on ice hockey, winter sports, and more

Max Verstappen calls Lando Norris his best friend in the ring. At Silverstone, the two friends start side by side from the front row.


07.09.2023 | Status: 07:14 AM

The fun ends when the red lights go out – even for big friends Max Verstappen and Lando Norris. Today at the British Grand Prix, the 25-year-old Dutchman and the 23-year-old Briton are side by side on the front row of the grid.

Norris said, “I think mentally we’re very similar in some things. We’re here because we love it, and we want to enjoy every minute in the ring. But once you put the helmet on, you forget everything else.”

The friendship has to rest when it comes to continuing the winning streak of Verstappen, who has won all the past five races, or winning at home to Norris in front of more than 100,000 fans at Silverstone Circuit.

Friendship here and friendship there

It would also be the first Grand Prix success for a McLaren driver, whose Australian teammate Oscar Piastri surprisingly finished third in qualifying on Saturday.

But again no one could come close to the world championship leader Red Bull, who snatched pole position from Norris practically at the last second. Norris joked about the two-time world champion, who Verstappen always breaks everything with, recently declaring that Norris is his best friend in the ring. And there is plenty of evidence of the good mood they prepare for each other. Whether playing video games together or just after a knockout in the race north east london.

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Verstappen once said: “Lando can be a little shy, but he’s a very nice guy and from the first year (in Formula 1) to today you can see how he’s grown.” In order to get over his friend, Norris will have to get over himself – friendship or friendship.

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