December 10, 2023

Friday's World Cup - Canada struggles to win - "Swiss" aid to Finland

Friday’s World Cup – Canada struggles to win – “Swiss” aid to Finland

Friday World Cup – Canada Struggling to Win – “Swiss” Assistance to Finland – Sports – SRF

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  • As expected, Canada (5: 3 against Germany) and the United States (4: 1 against Latvia) start the Ice Hockey World Championships in Finland with victories.
  • Host Finland beat Norway by National League mercenaries.
  • Slovakia won 4-2 against foreigners France.
  • Group a

Germany – Canada 3: 5 – Canada got off to a good start in defending its title. Against Germany, the favorite trembled unnecessarily at the end of the game. After 40 minutes the game seems to have already been decided. With three goals in six minutes – including two power play hits – “Ahornblatter” went out in the middle third 5: 1. Germany’s two goals in the final brought the tension back into the game with a double advantage, but the goal never came back.

France – Slovakia 2: 4 – 2-0 to 2-2 to 4-2: Slovakia’s opening victory over foreigners France in the Swiss Group A match. Paul Regent excelled as a double in Helsinki. The Czech Wing in Bolshoi opened the scoring in the 11th minute and emptied the winner in 8 seconds. France were initially hoping for a third-place finish when Anthony Reich and Jordan Ferret took the lead 2-2. But Samuel Takag brought the Olympic bronze medalists from Beijing to a 3-2 lead before the second siren.

Group B

Finland 5-0 Norway Finland was able to convince its “Swiss faction” of a trouble-free opening victory over neighboring Norway. Longnow striker Harry Bessonen (1: 0/19) and Peel’s top scorer Tony Rajala (2: 0/32) led the hosts to victory. One National League player was also worried about the final point: like Rajala, Jer Sallinen, who is on contract with Pele, made it 5-0. Goalie Juicy Olcinora, who will be heading to Sealand next season, needed 20 saves for his shutout.

United States – Latvia 4: 1 Elvis Merslikins made a real wrong start to the World Cup with Latvia. The former Lucano goalie has been beaten 4 times in Tampere – and conceding 2 goals does not look good. The first three goals were scored within 4 minutes: after Riley Barber took the lead in the 8th minute, Seth Jones doubled the lead (11th). U.S. Captain Merslikins was caught between the legs. One and a half minutes later, Thomas Portulev increased the lead to 3-0 with a shorthand. This time the Columbus goalie should definitely be responsible for the goal, again the disc entered into the goal between his strips. When Sam Laferdy took the lead 4-0 after the first half, Merslikins was powerless. Only Baltan can be summed up by Andres Digernes.

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