May 22, 2024

Friborg wins over Zug on penalties

Freiburg wins the tough match against EV Zug on penalties.Image: Cornerstone

Fribourg Gautieron wins again in central Switzerland after eight straight defeats in Zug. Swedes Lukas Wallmark and Marcus Sorensen scored in the penalty shootout as the team won 4-3.

Freiburg had previously made a mistake in the decision – in normal time, when Lucas Valmark failed in the 58th minute due to the strength of Leonardo Ginoni and the post, and in extra time in two minutes with 4 to 3 players after a Zug error.

But then the Swedes secured their first away win in Zug since 1 November 2019 on penalties, thus consolidating Freiburg's second place, now nine points behind Zug.

For about half of the match, the two teams fought almost like a playoff match, with small skirmishes, but without making a significant impact offensively. But then the knot was untied – and how.

Marcus Sørensen, left, of Friborg during a penalty shootout against goalkeeper Leonardo Genoni, right, of Zug during the National League ice hockey championship game between EV Zug and HC Frib...

Scorer Sorensen converts a penalty kick for Friborg.Image: Cornerstone

In the 29th minute, Zug scored two goals within 37 seconds, through Lino Marchini and Andreas Wengerli. The Swede, central Switzerland, restored the lead after Freiburg equalized in the 48th minute. This time, Kilian Motet needed only 53 seconds to equalize again. Chris DiDomenico scored the first equalizer with only his second goal – along with a shot into an empty net – in the last seventeen games.

Zug – Freiburg-Gotteron 3:4 (0:0, 2:1, 1:2, 0:0) nP
7200 spectators. – S. R. Vigand/Vickman (Finland), Ubuijser/Schlegel.
Portals: 29. (28:22) Marchini (Kovar, Herzog) 1:0. 29. (28:59) Wingerly (Derongs, Centelier) 2:0. 35. Jörg (Walser) 2: 1. 44. DeDomenico (Diaz) 2:2. 48. (47:08) Wengerli (Simeon) 3: 2. 49. (48:01) Motet (Dovner, Sørensen) 3:3.
Penalty kicks: Centilier -, wall mark 0:1; Marchini 1:1, Bertschi -; Kovar -, Sorensen 1:2; Eder -, DeDomenico -; Michaelmas -.
punish: 6 times and 2 minutes against Zug, 2 times and 2 minutes against Freiburg Gautieron.
PostFinance Top Scorer: Marchini. Sorensen Train: Genoni; Bengtson, Leon Muggli; Hanson, Gross; Smurf, Reva; Stadler. Eder, Michaelis, Simon; DeRong, Sentler, Wengerli; Marchini, Kovar, Duke; Allensbach, Lowenberger, Surrey; Tim Muggle.
Fribourg-Gotieron: pera; Gunderson, Jecker. Stroul, Duffner; Diaz, Borgman. Sutter. Sorensen, Wallmark, Motet; DiDomenico, Schmid, Marchon; Bertschi, de la Rose, Bykov; Spenger, Walser, Jörg. Pinyas.
comments: Zug is without Piasca, Gesser, Hoffmann, O'Neill and Schenn (all injured), Friborg-Gutieron is without Gregoire (foreign surplus). (seda)

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  • 7

    A leader who can decide the game and make his team better on and off the ice.

  • 6-7

    A player with such great talent that on a good evening he can decide the game and be a leader.

  • 5-6

    Good Premier League Player: Often as talented as iridescent butterflies, sometimes hard workers who take great advantage of their talents.

  • 4-5

    Third or fourth block player, veteran or newcomer.

  • 3-4

    The future is still ahead of you or the future is already behind you.

  • The rating is North American hockey's grading scale, which ranges from 1 (minimum) to 7 (maximum). There are no scores below 3, because those who play in the Premier League are at least barely enough.

1000 Swiss Ice Hockey Club


1000 Swiss Ice Hockey Club

To date, 17 ice hockey players (as of October 6, 2023) have played 1,000 or more games in the Swiss top league. This is them:

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