July 17, 2024

France wants to hold foreign tourists accountable for Covid-19 tests from tomorrow

France wants to hold foreign tourists accountable for Covid-19 tests from tomorrow

Foreign tourists will have to pay for Covid-19 tests in France from tomorrow (7 July).

The announcement was made by the French government in early July and marks a turning point as it was previously said that all testing in France will be free for tourists.

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal said the decision was made because most other countries require tourists, including people from France, to pay for the tests.

Tourists pay €49 for a PCR test and €29 for a rapid antigen test.

French citizens and residents will still have access to free Covid-19 tests. Tests will also be free for those with a prescription.

Compensation for exams taken abroad for residents of France

The cost of some tests that are taken abroad are covered by the French health insurance company Assurance Maladie.

Tests in an EU country, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland:

Covid-19 tests performed for medical reasons (having symptoms of Covid-19) or for administrative reasons (if the tests are mandatory for entry or exit from an EU country) will be covered by 100% up to €35.

To take advantage of this coverage, you can present the European Health Insurance Card, the French version, CEAM, at the time of the test.

If you do not have one of these cards, you can request reimbursement from the French public health insurance upon your return.

You must fill out the form”S3125 received overseas sponsorshipand submit it to Assurance Maladie.

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However, French Health Minister Olivier Veran said in mid-June that Covid-19 tests carried out abroad by people living in France who want to return to France would not be covered by health insurance.

This means that tests that are done for medical reasons will still be covered, but tests that are done for administrative reasons will not.

The government has not yet released any details about this update or when this rule will become effective.

Tests conducted in another country:

People who travel to countries outside the European Union, such as the United Kingdom and the United States, can reimburse for Covid-19 tests performed solely for medical reasons up to 27% of the cost.

In the UK, Covid-19 tests are already free for medical reasons. Tests performed for reasons of travel are charged, although prices vary depending on the laboratory or service provided by the client. France does not cover the cost of tests taken for travel to the UK because it is not a member of the European Union.

To claim compensation, you must fill out the form “S3125 received overseas sponsorshipand bring it to Assurance Maladie with a prescription.

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