June 20, 2024

Fox News Why Dedicates Broadcast Time to Canadian Trucker Struggles

Fox News Why Dedicates Broadcast Time to Canadian Trucker Struggles

“Independent Convoy”

How the right-wing American media is trying to import Canadian trucker struggles into the big neighborhood

Protests by truck drivers and activists in Canada are a hot topic on the American news channel Fox News. Canal’s flagships give the impression of being able to inspire potential followers at home.

In Windor, Ontario, Canada, activists block access to the Ambassador Bridge, the main trucker link to the neighboring city of Detroit.

Nathan Dennett / AB

Canada has never been so high. Although political news from the northern neighborhood is not generally of interest to the American news channel Fox News, the channel has been covering the struggles of truck drivers and right-wing activists in Canada for days.

And in an almost exciting tone, even though the transmitter’s figures are deeply upset about the unrecognized rallies by the left – encourage the police to crack down as hard as possible.

Sean Hanniti, a friend of President Donald Trump’s ouster, has said in recent days: Struggles against Govt actions are motivating and “fighting for freedom”. The American working class stands in solidarity with the protesters, the arbitrator announced Wednesday, using overt class-struggle tones.

Laura Ingraham, who will be broadcasting after Hannitty, complained that the media was unfairly covering the protests in Ottawa and other Canadian cities. He said the “ruling media” knew what would happen if the American people were affected by the sense of the Canadian people’s movement.

Fox News Channel’s flagships aim for this: a copy of America’s trucker struggles, so they can cover the last days of the election year 2022. The “Tea Party” movement that protested against then-new President Barack Obama in 2009 and 2010 did not have to worry about positive news on the Fox News Channel, which would set a precedent.

Are Angry Truckers Disabling the “Super Bowl”?

This idea is not so far-fetched. Many calls from American activists are already circulating on the Internet. A group called “The People’s Convoy” calls on angry truckers to gather near Los Angeles in early March – and then “exit California” together, probably toward the east coast.

Other circles do not want to wait too long. They are proposing to meet next weekend in Inglewood (California), the venue for the Super Bowl, the final of the season in the National Football League (NFL). Two weeks later, the convoy arrives in Washington, D.C., where Joe Biden is scheduled to deliver on March 1, in time for the president’s traditional “State of the Union” speech. The U.S. media reported this on Thursday, citing security sources.

History repeats itself: the current president entered national politics in the 1970s when trucker protests, high gas prices and skyrocketing inflation were part of everyday life. One of the most popular songs of 1975 was the song “Convoy”, a fictional dialogue about a caravan of trucks set to folk music. The song not only topped the US hit charts. Also won in Canada.

The trailer for the movie “Convoy” starring Chris Christopherson and Ali Macra, whose title track stormed the US charts in 1975.

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