March 1, 2024

UNIPORT don't win this year's World Prize

UNIPORT don’t win this year’s World Prize

Professor Peter James Kpolovy, former Director of Academic Planning, Research and Monitoring at the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT), has been named Global Scientist of the Year 2021.

Kpolovie was among the eight winners of the global competition organized by the International Center for Research of Achievements (IARC) in Montreal, Canada.

DAILY POST indicates that the competition is open to scientists, engineers, researchers, and innovators from all over the world and anyone with notable scientific achievements is eligible.

IARC has designed the event to support the professional growth of talented scientists, engineers and researchers from different regions of the world by showcasing their latest work and outstanding discoveries and breakthroughs that advance the frontiers of science and technology.

In addition to the Nigerian donation, the winners are Professor Georgy Fomenko, Yaroslavl State Technical University, Russian Federation; Manohara Pasur Halcidaba, Agok Bio, San Francisco, United States; Teacher. Inna Shevchenko, National Automobile and Highway University in Kharkov, Ukraine, and Professor Lawrence Molenkamp of the University of Würzburg.

The others are Professor Vadim Potapov, Center for Geotechnology, Russian Federation; Teacher. Kossi Bollanigini Amey, FORMATEC Institute, Togo and Prof. Vladimir Grachev AVERS, Russian Federation.

IARC Competition Director Dr. Michael Finnin wrote a letter congratulating Kpolovia on the award, saying that the professor’s outstanding achievements over the years and his commitment to excellence inspired the center to be recognized as a winner.

The letter to Kpolovia stated: “By examining numerous applications from different countries around the world for the open international competition “World 2021”, our international experts and selection committee comprehensively assessed the potential and background of each candidate. As well as the scientific value and impact of her work on the modern world and man.

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“The remarkable achievements you have demonstrated over the years, as well as your commitment to excellence, have inspired us to be selected as the 2021 winner in the Natural Science/Computer and Information Science category.

“In order to increase the visibility of your work and your achievements at the international level, your website “World of the Year 2021” has been created with a unique URL in your name and published on the official website of “World of the Year”. The year of the “International Open Competition”.

“In recognition of your leadership role and exceptional professional achievements, we will present you with a Certificate of Recognition. The certificate contains a QR code with the above link to your personal website.

As a winner, you have an unlimited right to use the ‘World 2021’ logo, which promotes your achievements and affirms your international recognition.

You can use the badge in your own ads, print it on your books, articles and studies, display on your website and official social media pages, display in your office, and much more. In addition, as a winner, you will have the privilege to publish your informative or scientific article in

The section “International Forum” on the official website of the IARC is free of charge.

In response to the award, enthusiast Peter James Kobulovy said the honor was based on his numerous research publications and international books on rare scientific papers before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of the books written in partnership with eight major global brands have been called IBM SPSS Statistics Excellent Guide; Correlation, multiple regression, and triple variance; Factor Analysis – an excellent guide with SPSS; statistical approaches in excellent research methods; Excellent search methods. A research handbook on improving teacher education using advanced teaching techniques; management of education in developing countries; Among other things.

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Kpolovie congratulated the International Center for Research Achievements for organizing the international open competition “World 2021”.