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Photos from Alaska and Canada in Crunichfield

Updated: October 8, 2021, 7:15 p.m.

The Baumbachhaus in Kranichfeld invites you to a lecture with great pictures.

Photo: Thomas Eppelin / Archive

In addition to the multi-view show, there is also a weekend concert at the Baumbachhaus.

A multi-section show titled “Alaska, Canada – In the Land of Grizzly Bears” will take place on Saturday 9 October from 7 p.m. at the Baumbachhaus in Kranichfelder (a coach house in good weather, a wedding room in bad weather). Author Thomas de Lange visited the north of the American continent 14 times. This resulted in countless photographs, a selection of which he presented in the city with two castles. Among other things, he talks about an unintended encounter with a grizzly or the life of people in remote areas, some of which can only be reached by boat or bush planes.

On Sunday October 10, starting at 5 pm, Dagmar Miffert (violin) and Hansjörg Mühe (piano) will give a concert titled “Dreams and Dances” with echoes of classical and pop music in the wedding room.

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