March 1, 2024

Tobias Warschewski (Nr. 16) und Julian Ulbricht (Nr. 25) hier noch im Phönix Trikot zusammen beim Torjubel mit Björn Lambach, Haris Hyseni und Conor Gnerlich.

Former Eagle Bearer Ulbricht and Warschewski meet in Canada

Instead of working together in a team, the two ex-phoenixes met Julian Ulbricht And Tobias Warsawski As opponents in the Canadian Premier League.


Ulbricht has been playing since the end of his loan Phoenix Lubeck (October to December 2020) again for York UnitedIn which the Hamburg native appeared in 15 matches this season and scored two goals. Warszewski has been tying his shoes since February 2021 FC Edmonton, after he and the vulture carrier separated again after a good six months. The attacking player, who has already played for Germany’s under-19 team, played 23 matches in the seventh edition of the Premier League, in which he scored three times.

Last weekend the two players finally met and fought with their teams for important points in the Canadian First Division. There was no winner after 90 minutes. The two teams split 1-1, with Ulbricht setting the equalizer for third place in the standings in the 53rd minute.

“It was a great feeling to be there with Toby on the pitch. At first I downgraded the league, but I worked hard to be a regular player. We still have four games and the goal of course is to get to the playoffs,” says former Adler Julian Ulbricht, who is on vacation. In Germany at the end of the year and planning to visit his old team, “I like to look back at my time in Phönix and watch the matches.”