November 29, 2023

Ford-Werke GmbH: The new function "Ford Telematics Essentials" expands the networked FORDLiive management system for fleet customers - Press portal - Announcements

Ford-Werke GmbH: The new function “Ford Telematics Essentials” expands the networked FORDLiive management system for fleet customers – Press portal – Announcements

cologne (ots) – – The new software is part of the integrated “FORDLiive” management system for fleet customers, which enables faster maintenance and repair services – “Ford Telematics Essentials” is free, reduces downtime for Ford vehicles and increases the company’s fleet productivity – “Ford Telematics Essentials” is available For Ford customers in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK

Cologne (ots) – Ford is expanding its “FORDLiive” productivity tool for European commercial customers with a new “Ford Telematics Essentials” function. From the beginning of July, the free “Ford Telematics Essentials” program will provide fleet operators with “basic” information in real time on the current maintenance status of their Ford vehicles, and the focus is on Ford commercial vehicles. The only technical requirement is that the corresponding vehicles have a connection to the Ford network, that is, the vehicles have a FordPass Connect modem, which Ford now supplies almost all model series as standard, on board and the modem is activated. For fleet operators, this intelligent diagnostic function means: Fewer avoidable failures, fewer workshop visits, and faster repairs – thus reducing downtime and downtime related to service, but not productive, or in other words: an increase in the productivity of Ford’s compact vehicles This management system.

Ford Telematics Essentials is a key component of FORDLiive.

The new “Ford Telematics Essentials” functionality is a core component of “FORDLiive,” a free productivity tool launched in March 2021 to improve the uptime of Ford vehicles. Ford assumes that its networked “FORDLiive” systems can reduce service-related downtime for the brand’s commercially used vehicles by up to 60 percent. The goal of the further development of the productivity tool “FORDLiive” is 100 percent fleet deployment time.

The following applies especially to operators of Ford commercial vehicles: Thanks to “Ford Telematics Essentials,” vehicle data can be linked to services provided by Ford Transportation Centers. This also increases the productivity of individual vehicles. As an offering from Ford Pro, the new service and sales division for commercial customers rolled out worldwide, “FORDLiive” is one of the mainstays of online customer service for auto manufacturers.

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Ford Telematic Essentials is available free of charge to commercial customers in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom who own Ford connected vehicles after registering on the Ford Commercial Solutions website (in Germany:

“With the introduction of Ford Telematics Essentials, the FORDLiive offering has reached the next stage,” said Owen Gregory, Director of Aftermarket Commercial Vehicles at Ford Europe. “With this free functionality, fleet operators can maximize the productivity of their fleets. Ford Telematics Essentials shows the current status of all connected vehicles instantly and at a glance. This is a real added value with the potential to fundamentally change the way companies use and maintain company vehicles in good case “.

The program recognizes more than 4000 maintenance parameters

Ford Telematics Essentials uses the FORDLiive infrastructure and shows fleet operators the “essential” data of their vehicles in detail – eg on a laptop or desktop computer. This information is transmitted in real time via the FordPass Connect 1 modem, which is now standard equipment on nearly all passenger car series and has been standard equipment in the Ford Tourneo Custom / Transit Custom, Transit and Ranger commercial vehicle series since mid-2019.

Ford Telematics Essentials software interacts seamlessly with appropriately networked Ford vehicles and provides information that can only be provided to a system set up by the manufacturer. The software tool recognizes and transmits more than 4,000 parameters (codes), mainly condition descriptions and warnings – for example, the condition of the engine oil and the need to change the oil. This allows fleet managers and Ford service partners to interact particularly quickly and cost-effectively.

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Five different options for action

Ford Telematics Essentials distinguishes between five action options (status messages): “Up to Date,” “Action Soon,” “Action Now,” Action Overdue, and Off the Road.

Fleet Manager feature: You can have the current maintenance status of your entire fleet or individual vehicles displayed at a glance – from mileage and oil change intervals to statistical information, for example about connection status. This allows those in charge of the fleet to take preventive service actions, and with a few mouse clicks, for example, to proactively arrange a workshop appointment at a time convenient for their operations.

Ford service partners also use “FORDLiive” benefits

With the fleet manager’s approval, Ford service partners can access information in the Ford Telematics Essentials system and read vehicle data from the past 60 days. This makes it easy to diagnose malfunctions prior to visiting the workshop and to order any spare parts that may be required to reduce the duration of the service visit.

In the case of complex damage patterns, the appropriate experts are available in the “FORDLiive” centers to perform real-time analysis. The goal here is also to get the customer’s car back on the road as fast as possible.

Thanks to the remote maintenance diagnostics options offered by the Ford Telematics Essentials tool, Ford will in the future forego the 30-minute Annual Inspection 2, which is mandatory for the new Tourneo Custom/Transit Custom, Transit and Ranger models. This reduces vehicle operating costs and reduces downtime.

More remote offers from Ford for commercial customers

Ford Telematics Offer: For a monthly fee, business customers also have access to a full suite of Ford Telematics solutions. It enables deeper insight into individual vehicle usage and driver behavior as well as consumption analysis and the driver’s companion smartphone app. The professional version of Ford Telematics also has multi-brand functions that can also read data from models from other manufacturers, which makes the expensive installation of parallel systems unnecessary.

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Larger corporate fleets looking for a complete fleet solution will find a suitable solution through Ford Fleet Management offerings. Designed according to the individual requirements of customers by special teams at FORDLiives مراكز

Link to additional materials

Additional materials on this topic are available via this link:

1) Jobs may require activation. Customers can choose to release or decline certain data. FordPass Connect must be activated and authenticated to use the FORDLiive Services.

2) The annual inspection waiver applies to Tourneo Custom, Transit Custom, and Transit models produced after June 28, 2021, as well as to Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) vehicles produced after it came off the production line on January 28, 2021 and for models Ranger manufactured after August 30, 2021.

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