April 21, 2024

China shares video and audio clips from its rover on Mars

China shares video and audio clips from its rover on Mars

The United States is not the only sending country Video from Mars. space news Reports owned by China chest Both video and audio from Zhurong’s early forays into the Red Planet. Sections include landing as well as posting and initial movement. There is also a panorama showing how far Zhurong has traveled from his landing site (about 277 meters in total).

like with Voices of NASA’s insistenceDon’t expect a symphony from aliens. You can basically hear the mechanics and noise of the wheels on the exit ramp, and the thin Martian atmosphere also affects the outcome. Martian sounds are still quite rare, so the mission crew can’t be picky.

There’s no doubt that choices are about bragging rights like anything else. Zhurong is part of China’s first truly independent mission to another planet, and the country undoubtedly wants to highlight its achievements in as much detail as possible. Between this and persistence, it’s also clear that Mars exploration has changed in recent years. It is not enough to present a few pictures – the audio-visual experience is becoming more and more natural.

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