July 12, 2024

Float: Azul sends the Airbus A350 back

Float: Azul sends the Airbus A350 back

After Latam, Brazil’s next airline says goodbye to the Airbus A350. Azul only flies a few weeks with the long haul model.

She loves him, she doesn’t love him, she loves him, … The relationship between Azul and the Airbus A350 would today be described as connected. In 2014, the Brazilian airline announced that it would purchase five Airbus A350-900 aircraft. Must be delivered from 2017 and assist with foreign expansion.

It didn’t come to that. A few months later, Brazil descended into a deep economic crisis – caused by falling commodity prices and errors in the government’s economic policy. Due to the recession, Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras has abandoned the Airbus A350.

The Airbus A350 is back after all

Azul sub-leased the aircraft to Hainan Airlines, which soon ran into financial problems of its own. Their mother, HNA, was involved with the Brazilian airline at the time. During the pandemic, the planes were therefore stored at Tarmac Aerosave in Tarbes.

In June 2022, the Brazilians took back the A350. She wanted them to replace the more than 20-year-old A330-200. Two copies now fly between Campinas near São Paulo and Paris Orly, and in winter they also fly to Orlando. But this effort did not seem to last long.

Last flight on October 28th

As early as June, there were rumors that Azul wanted to phase out the A350 again. Now there are increasing indications that this is indeed happening. Between Campinas and Paris-Orly, it is only scheduled until October 2, after which the plane will switch to the Campinas-Orlando route, but it will only fly there until October 28. This writes the gateway Irwin Referring to the layout of airport slots.

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On both routes, the report said, Azul will replace the A350 with the A330-200 and A330-900. An Aerotelegraph spokeswoman said: “We are constantly reviewing fleet options and will announce any changes in due course.”

Latam also said goodbye to the A350

According to Aeroin, the A350 has proven more efficient than the A330 Neo on long routes, such as those to Europe. However, on short trips, it is very expensive to operate. The model flew with Azul for less than a year.

As a result, the Airbus A350 disappeared from another Brazilian airline. Latam Group has also discontinued the 2021 model year to streamline the fleet.