November 28, 2023

Flaßpöhler & Co.  On Talk Shows: A Platform for the Irrational Media Community

Flaßpöhler & Co. On Talk Shows: A Platform for the Irrational Media Community

Is this now a method, or has it already become a method? It deals with a Covid-19 talk show on the topic, particularly the vaccination aspect. So too is “Difficult but Fair” on Monday in ARD: “Just no compulsion: is our vaccination policy so cowardly?”. So Svenja Flaspoller, a vaccine skeptic, was invited. The rest of the group supports the opposite position: vaccination against Flaßpöhler. The battle of opinion is heating up, it is being taped to social media, and Twitter is almost swarming with tweets.

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All the best in Germany talk show? So, halfway through, it’s right to collect as many jobs as possible. And the camp of skeptics about compulsory vaccination is not small, it is well known, too. Sahra Wagenknecht, Wolfgang Kubicki, Richard David Brecht, Svenja Vlasbuller, you name it. The continuum of the connected discussion group is straightforward: one versus all, mediator, mediator between them.

This works from an entertainment perspective, the constantly anxious society gets to eat, and everyone is allowed to feel represented in their opinion. But this is not enough, hurray. Science is becoming more silent, and Drosten & Co seems to have lost their enthusiasm for arguments, which is detrimental to their acceptance, because more and more fake news is becoming facts and facts are a matter of feeling. .

The TV appearance increases the circulation of the book

It should be clear to all talk show editors that they are helping manage their agenda with Flaßpöhler & Co. “The Philosopher,” as her job is called, slashes book after book, each television appearance stimulating circulation. also one Wagenknecht He will travel with the voter’s account. And Kubicki anyway.

What was already shown last Thursday in “Maybrit Illner” is becoming clearer with “Hart but fair”: Are camps still arguing with arguments, or has the Covid 19 discussion not long ago moved from the level of fact to the level of belief? The joy of the new German is celebrated: it is no longer Michelangelo, but a self-confident and determined citizen in track pants. Other things happen under the skin: it is not the German anti-authoritarian who stands on the front of rejection, but the irrational. This is a tradition in the land of both the healer and the seducer. What encouraged Erich Honecker of the German SED when he decreed: “Neither ox nor donkey shall stop socialism in its tracks.” Then East Germany fell and Honecker went to Chile.

Talk shows explain and illuminate the new phenomenon. It’s like TV gives you the pellets. And no matter how brightly lit studios are, the Age of Enlightenment and progress fades away.