February 25, 2024

Fish from Canada become a problem for Rumatra in Germany after 7 vs. Forest

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7 vs. Wild © CaliVision/7 vs. After Wild (montage) fish from Canada become a problem for Rumatra in Germany.

More stories about 7 vs. Wild Season 3 are coming to light. It reads: “Rumatra smuggles biological weapons”. All in all a nasty fishy surprise.

Vancouver Island, Canada – What time Show 7 vs What happens in Canada stays in Canada – well, not always. Rumatra and John Schlappen One was complicit in fish smuggling Streamer turned into a nasty problem. Papablathe now explains this incident. Fans are wondering if this is legit.

Ingame.de 7 vs. Wild dares to catch a brutal fish:

It is currently unknown whether the fish has been handed over to its rightful owner. However, we expect the waste to be disposed of directly by the Epidemic Protection Agency. As for Papablot, it's now clear “7 vs. Wild did everything right“. Both streamers are reacting back to John Schlaffen, who has been critical of partner Joey Kelly.

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