FCL is ahead of Sion 2:1 and will play in Europe next season


Thanks to Joker Chadr: Lucerne beat Sion 2-1 and will play in Europe next season

FC Luzern showed the morale after falling behind and won with an away win against FC Sion. FC Sion also sees a red card.

Sion: FC Lucerne 1: 2 (1: 0)

FCL starting lineup

Vaso Vasic starts again in goal for the injured Marius Mueller and Pascal Loritz. Ruben Dantas Fernandez makes his Premier League debut:

Photo: Martin Meinberger/Fresh Fox

Max Meyer leads the team as captain that evening as Ardon Gachari has to serve a suspension.


15 minutes: Following a controversial VAR decision, Sion captain resigned Anton Gregic for the penalty kick and scored the opening goal for Valais.

Anto Grgic makes it 1-0 to Sion from the penalty spot.

Anto Grgic makes it 1-0 to Sion from the penalty spot.

Photo: Jean-Christophe Bot/Keystone (Sion, May 25, 2023)

52 minutesFC Sion cannot clear the ball from its own penalty area. Pascal Schorpf Profits and drains to 1:1.

Soufiane Chader celebrates his goal to make it 2-1.

Soufiane Chader celebrates his goal to make it 2-1.

Photo: Jean-Christophe Bot/Keystone (Sion, May 25, 2023)

75 minutes: Cross of the lands of Pius Dorne Sophia Shader. The Sion defenders are away from the attacker and Chader only has to push to make it 2-1.

match report

Due to hooliganism in the first leg against FC St. Gallen, it is known that the guest sector in Sion will remain closed today. Despite the repression, about 150 people from Lucerne came to the stadium. The fans are divided approximately in the same proportion into three stands. But Ultras are also missing in the Sion sector at the start of the game. In solidarity, they boycotted the match in the first ten minutes. “Anti-sanctions groups” can be read on a large banner behind the gate.

Ruben Dantas Fernandez made his Premier League debut against FC Sion.

Ruben Dantas Fernandez made his Premier League debut against FC Sion.

Image: Martin Meienberger/freshfocus (Sion, May 25, 2023)

On the other hand, the game starts out rather flat. Referee Urs Sneijder receives a radio from the VAR in the 13th minute and runs to the screen. In an earlier scene, Dantas Fernandez hit the ball from behind in the penalty area from a very short distance. Dantas Fernandez is not to blame for this scene. The decision of the penalty whistle seems to be questioned. Then Anto Grgic made it 1-0 to Sion with a penalty kick.

After the hosts’ opening goal, FCL is the most active team, but finds it difficult to create chances. FC Sion is limited to counter attack. Fans at the Stade Tourbillon are not offered an engaging game for the first 40 minutes. But Severin Oetiger offers the magic piece. The young full-back from Esch played solo through almost the entire field before the break and left the Valais side standing in lines – losing only goalkeeper Alexandru Savarikas.

FCL defender Marco Porsche in an intense duel with Balthasar Costa.

FCL defender Marco Porsche in an intense duel with Balthasar Costa.

Photo: Jean-Christophe Bot/Keystone (Sion, May 25, 2023)

In the second half, FCL comes onto the field with eleven variables. Dantas Fernandez no longer steps on the grass. Soufiane Shader comes for the promising talent. The equalizer should have come in the 50th minute, but Lars Villiger kicked the ball in front of the goal, but only a minute later, the jubilation of salvation: Pascal Schorpf scored the equalizer.

It’s all about winning for Mario Fricke today. In the 63rd minute, he brought in Mo Draeger instead of Oteger. Dräger plays an attacking midfield role. Shortly afterwards, Sion’s Dennis-Wil Buha saw the red card after VAR intervention for a foul on Martin Friedke. FCL now plays with a numerical advantage on the field. To mobilize new energies, Osama Abu Bakr replaces Villiger.

Referee Urs Schneider showed the red card to Dennis Will Boha of Valais.

Referee Urs Schneider showed the red card to Dennis Will Boha of Valais.

Image: Martin Meienberger/Freshfocus (Sion, May 25, 2023)

Lucerne’s offensive efforts paid off. In the 75th minute, Pius Dorn hit a cross that fell into Chadr. The defenders of Sion are too far away from the French, who only have to push. Ten minutes before the end, Ismail Beka is forced to leave the field. Luca Jacques replaces him.

Just before the end of the match, the hosts pressed the Lucerne goal again. However, the guests from central Switzerland stand up against it and defend the Sixteen constantly. FCL guarantees three points against Sion and thus definitely finish fourth and play European.

This says FCL coach Mario Fricke

“We won those three points today.”

“It’s good to be able to play in Europe next season.”

Mario Frick after the match.

Video: Pilates Today

FCL Interactions

Pascal Schorpf in Match.

Video: Pilates Today

Pius Dorn to the game

Video: Pilates Today

FCL scores

Pascal Schorpf is the best – nothing is not enough: FCL scores against Sion

Daniel Werch, Sion


Despite the closure of the guest sector, 150 people travel from Lucerne to Sion and behave peacefully

the pictures

FCL players celebrate after the match

Photo: Jean-Christophe Putt/Keystone


Sion – Lucerne 1:2 (1:0)
tourbillon. – 5,500 spectators. – SR Schneider.
Portals: 15. Grgic (penalty) 1-0. 52. Draw 1:1. 75. Shader 1:2.
Sion: safari. Lavanchi, Santini, Ziegler, Yapicino; grgic. Itaitinga (Sio 24), Buha, Costa, Bua (Jalapaco 67); Al-Shawarf (82. Carlin).
Lucerne: Fasc. Ottiger (62nd Dräger), Burch, Beka (81st Jaquez), Ruben Dantas Fernandes (46th Chader); Frederick, Belocco; Dorn, Max Meyer, Schorpf; Villiger (72. Abu Bakr).
comments: Sion without Araz (suspended), Balotelli, Caffari, Cibrian, Diouf, Vikenture, Mobandji, Schmid, Zaghari (all injured) and Leander (ill). Lucerne without Jachari, Simani (both suspended), Müller, Surgic, Emine, Kadak, Cledje, Lenny Meyer, Campo, Diambo and Loritz (all injured). The thirteenth assistant referee, video: Dantas Fernandez handed a penalty kick. – Red card: 66. Boha (assault on Frederick’s interference / Video Assistant Referee). Warnings: 13 Max Meyer (complaint), 45 Belocco (fault).


FC Luzern will play Servette FC on White Monday (Swisspor Arena, 4.30pm CEST). A change in the standings is no longer possible: FCL finishes the 2022/2023 season in fourth place.

Results and table

reading bar


Lucerne beats Sion 2:1 – The direct tape of the reading


FCL is sure of fourth place and will play in Europe next season. For FC Luzern, the final game on White Monday is all about giving fans a good end to the season.

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