June 14, 2024

Relay and Consequences – SWR Sport

According to English media reports, Boris Becker has been released from prison. Deportation to Germany could have serious negative consequences for the former professional tennis player.

Boris Baker has been released from Hanercombe Prison, west London. A warm birthday at home? Hardly, because the consequences of being released from prison and deported to Germany could be serious. The 55-year-old is currently taking advantage of fast-track measures imposed by the British government to decongest prisons in Great Britain. However, the fact that he was now a free man in Germany has an interest in Leimener.

At least a ten-year ban on entry to Great Britain?

Because Boris Becker cannot easily return to Great Britain. Immigration lawyer Joanna Hunt confirmed this to ARD Studio in London: “The sentence is only suspended. If Baker returns, he will have to go back to prison.” Hunt assumes that Baker will be banned from entering the UK for at least ten years. Hunt continued, “This deportation will be in his papers forever and will haunt him for life. In the medium term he could try to have the deportation overturned if he has good reasons for it and he would then have to apply for a visa.” Deportation is a general flaw in the newspapers, which could make it more difficult for Baker if he wants to live or work in other countries.


A future is at stake as a BBC tennis expert

Against this background, Hunt sees no future as a tennis expert for the BBC. Making money can be hard, according to bankruptcy attorney Jeremy Boyle. Boyle told ARD Studio London that Baker would have to use large sums to pay off his bankruptcy debts. “Mr. Baker was not cooperative during the bankruptcy proceedings and hid the ownership. If he got a lot of money for a book or a documentary, he would have to report it, and according to bankruptcy law, the money could benefit his creditors.”