Extreme heat – 500 deaths in five days of heat wave in Canada – News

Extreme heat – 500 deaths in five days due to heat wave in Canada – News – SRF

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Hundreds of unexpected deaths have so far been counted within record temperatures. The numbers are likely to increase.

An unprecedented heat wave on the west coast of North America continues. The effects are particularly dramatic in the Canadian coastal province of British Columbia.

Forensic medicine recorded 486 sudden and unexpected deaths from last Friday to Wednesday. This is almost three times what is usual in such a period. Authorities assume the steep rise is linked to the extreme heat.

Forest fires are spreading

Forest fires are also raging in several places in the province. “About 15 minutes later, our entire town was on fire.” The mayor of Leyton told CBC Canada.

So the town of Lytton, about 150 kilometers northeast of Vancouver, was completely evacuated Wednesday night. The temperature there rose to 49.6 degrees on Tuesday. It was the highest temperature ever recorded in Canada.


June 29 Smoke and Fire: The Sparks Lake Forest fire in the Thompson-Nicolas Regional District of British Columbia.


There are also wildfires around Lytton. The roads are closed. Hundreds of homes had to be evacuated. Air-conditioned centers have been set up in the affected area where people can find refuge from the heat. Lisa Lapointe, a forensic doctor, called for preventive measures and assistance to people at risk.

SRF News 4, 01.07.2021, 07:12;

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