February 23, 2024

Euro 2024 Final Draw: Everything you need to know | Euro 2024

When will the Euro 2024 finals be drawn?

On Saturday 2 December from 6pm CET.

Where was the Euro 2024 draw held?

In the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie. Hamburg is one of ten host cities for Euro 2024, where four group stage matches and one quarter-final will be played.

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How do teams qualify for the European Championship draw?

Host Germany automatically qualifies. At the time of the draw, a further 21 teams had been decided – the top two teams in the 10 groups of the European qualifiers.

The bottom three will play in the qualifiers in March 2024. 12 teams will be included, based on their performance in the 2022/23 Nations League. After six semi-finals, there are three finals, with the three winners completing the field of 24 in the final round. The qualifying matches are scheduled to be held from March 21 to 26.

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Who actually qualifies for the Euro?

Germany (host)
Czech Republic

How does the Euro 2024 draw take place?

The 24 teams were previously assigned to one of four pots (1, 2, 3, 4) based on their performance in the qualifying group stage. Host Germany was placed in Pot 1, but will not participate in the draw but will be automatically assigned to Group A. The three qualifying winners end up in Pot 4.

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Six more pots (A, B, C, D, E, F) are needed to place the teams in their groups in their respective positions. BF bowls contain four balls with the four spaces available in each set (eg B1, B2, B3 and B4). Pot A has only three balls for positions A2, A3 and A4 for Group A as Germany is seeded in A1.

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How can I follow the Euro 2024 draw?

The draw will be broadcast live on UEFA.com and the official UEFA EURO 2024 app. You will soon find a list of all TV broadcasters here.

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How are the European Championship finals going?

The format is the same as Euro 2020. The top two teams from the six groups reach the round of 16, as well as the four best third-placed teams.

It then continues in the usual knockout mode until the final.

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