October 1, 2023

EU Commissioner Schmidt criticizes rules on foreign workers

EU Commissioner Schmidt criticizes rules on foreign workers

Brussels. The EU’s Labor Commissioner, Nicholas Schmidt, sees part of the Brexit problems being caused by stricter rules for foreign workers.

He told dpa that Brexit is a vivid example of how “foolish” it is to say they are sending foreign workers home. Similar problems may arise in the European Union if the movement of labor is curtailed. Construction sites, for example, should be closed.

In the UK, new and strict Brexit immigration rules make it difficult to hire foreign skilled workers. Because the country lacks truck drivers, for example, supermarket shelves and petrol pumps have been empty lately.

No country has a truck driver shortage like the UK

Retail experts also warn of supply problems with toys and electrical appliances, for example. Truck drivers are also rare across Europe, but the effects are less pronounced in other countries. English media also reported on Thursday that London plans to issue up to 1,000 visas to foreign battle masters.

The EU Commissioner also sees “left and mostly right” demagogues as a problem in the EU, and they are trying to orchestrate the issue themselves. This would feed fears of local job losses to cheap labor from other EU countries. One prescription, on the other hand, is Schmidt’s view, to prevent social dumping and to make working conditions fundamentally equitable.

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