EU and US agree on new Atlantic overseas data protection framework

The European Commission and the United States have agreed in principle to a new Atlantic data protection framework. Both sides gave in at the same time last Friday Joint Report Popular. The new data protection framework aims to promote Atlantic overseas data flows and address concerns raised by the European Court of Justice in its July 2020 Schrems II ruling. In it, the United States pledges reforms to strengthen the protection of privacy and civil liberties in relation to intelligence operations.

Under the Atlantic Privacy Framework, the United States will introduce new defenses to ensure that signals monitoring is necessary and proportionate to pursue established national security goals. Supervision of signal monitoring activities to ensure compliance with monitoring activity regulations.

The Atlantic overseas data protection framework is the result of more than a year of intense negotiations between the United States and the European Union, led by Commerce Secretary Gina Raymondo and Judicial Commissioner Didier Reinders. This will create a lasting foundation for Atlantic overseas data flows, which is important for protecting civil rights and enabling Atlantic trade across all sectors of the economy, including small and medium businesses.

By encouraging the movement of data across borders, the new framework will promote an inclusive digital economy in which all people can participate and businesses of all sizes, both within our countries, can thrive.

The U.S. government and European Commission committees will work together to implement this new Atlantic overseas data protection framework and translate this agreement, which is accepted by both parties, into legal documents.

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More info:

Joint Report of the European Commission and the United States on the Atlantic Overseas Data Protection Framework

True sheet of the Atlantic Overseas Data Protection Framework

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