February 22, 2024

tesla supercharger oeffnung grossbritannien interview trudy harrison

British Tesla Superchargers will soon be available for all electric cars> teslamag.de

Governments in many countries want to increase electric car charging, and Tesla would be a big help. The company advanced to the CCS standard with the introduction of the Model 3 in Europe, as its supercharger network could only be used by vehicles of the same brand for long periods of time. Initially, it meant that Tesla drivers could only use third-party DC stations, but at the same time it was based on charging third-party electric cars on superchargers. Tesla has already introduced a similar offer in the Netherlands. And Britain is likely to follow suit soon.

“Tesla wants to be a part of the solution”

There has long been speculation about the opening of a supercharger network starting in Europe. In the summer of 2021, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, confirmed that it would be coming globally as well. In November, the first test with ten supercharger stations for any electric car began in the Netherlands, which was later extended to France and Norway. There seemed to be no major problems with this, and this February Tesla announced that all superchargers in the Netherlands could now be used by third-party vehicles.

And like the current one Report of the Electronic Blog Appear, the opening in Great Britain will follow next. The government is currently planning to increase the country’s charging infrastructure tenfold. Trudeau Harrison, Britain’s Secretary of State for Transport, said in an interview that he was talking about how they could contribute with major car and infrastructure companies. One of them is Tesla, and they “want to be a part of the solution,” Harrison said. Working with the company is “smart”.

It seems constructive, in fact relatively specific when asked by the Secretary of State. In the video of the interview at the டாkoda Enrique, he said it could take weeks or months for the Tesla network to open in the UK, not years. In his text contribution to this, Harrison (seen in the photo above in the passenger seat) was quoted as saying that a large number of electric car drivers will finally be happy to use the supercharger network – “and within weeks.” An agreement with Tesla in the UK is immediately apparent.

The supercharger network is set to grow faster

At the same time, Morrison was aware of the problems that could arise. He said the opening would certainly be controversial among Tesla owners. Finally, “reliable, fast and numerous” superchargers are a major selling point, and there are complaints that they are increasingly crowded as Tesla’s sales rise. However, the Secretary of State expressed confidence that the additional revenue generated by the opening would be used to accelerate the expansion of the network. This is what CEO Musk announced in July 2021: he told a phone conference that the supercharger network would grow faster than Tesla’s electric car production.