December 9, 2023

FC Chalcis Victor Balson cancels international matches

FC Chalcis Victor Balson cancels international matches

Six Schalke 04 players are on their way during the international break. On the other hand, Victor Palson has good reason not to travel.

Chalcis explained Victor Balson’s abdication of the international flight.
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After Schalke’s 2:4 defeat against his former club SV Darmstadt 98, Victor Balsson stood with his feet thickly wrapped in the belly of the ring. “Not that bad,” he explained, but the injury was: “only one hit.”

The fact that the 30-year-old is not traveling to the Icelandic national team has nothing to do with the injury.

“I said I would give up. I spoke to the national coach, and I wanted to stay here,” Balson said, revealing the reason: “My son lives in Canada, but now he’s with me. I don’t want ten days. There he travels far and misses time with my son. I don’t see him often.”

Even without Palson, there are at least six Schalke 04 players on international trips: Malik Thiau (under 21) and Mehmet Aydin (under 20) with the German junior teams, Yaroslav Mikhailov with Russia’s under-19 team, Darko Chorlinov with the North Macedonia national team, And Belendi Idrizi with the German junior national team. Kosovo team. Once again, Ko Itakura, which rivals Japan in Vietnam and Oman, has the longest route.

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