June 23, 2024

Emergency windows: emergency system kit powered from a USB drive

Emergency windows: emergency system kit powered from a USB drive

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The Windows-based emergency system we put together, like Desinfec’t, which specializes in hunting pests, shows up once a year. receives updated programs, such as virus scanners with new signatures; If necessary, we will provide it with further updates throughout the year. Unlike Linux-based Desinfec’t, we can only offer Windows c’t Emergency in the form of a suite. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not provide a license for Windows PE that is used as a basis.

In order not to create a false impression: The basis of the emergency window is the Win10XPE project developed by ChrisR and theoven.org community. Our part is to finish the project, which is designed by experts for experts, to run as a group on a large number of computers. We also provided the emergency system with reasonable software – the original version is more convenient here and therefore confusing. In addition, we exchange the program that executes the build instructions: instead of the old, lame Winbuilder, the emergency window c’t use the fast PEBakery.

Some of the additions we made over time, which contribute to stable build results, flowed back into the WinXPE project. We also support developers every year with donations. If the group is particularly useful to you: please donate as well.

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