April 23, 2024

Emden karate fighter Fabian Floken is traveling Canada for four months – Vancouver is his first stop

European Championship bronze medalist Emden karateka Fabian Floken is in Canada for four months – 7,700 kilometers from home, and Vancouver is his first stop.

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Fabian, what was it like when you were completely abroad?

Fabian scalesVery interesting, on the first day I met other work and travelers from Germany in Vancouver, with whom I moved into an apartment. The three of us spent the first few days sightseeing. The country and the city are incredibly large, but also very beautiful.

That's good to hear. What particularly impressed you?

Fabian scalesNature is in some places completely untouched and diverse, for example when it comes to wildlife such as orcas, whales, dolphins, squirrels, raccoons and eagles. It's breathtaking every time you walk through downtown and see the mountains in the background. This combination of mountains and beaches doesn't happen often. There were also some “regular” things like ice hockey and skiing.

This is what Fabian Floken looks like as he heads downtown: impressive buildings in the foreground and nearby mountains in the background. Image: Private

Have you already got a job?

Fabian scalesThe first day I walked downtown and asked in cafes and supermarkets. Monaco Cafe is a hot candidate. I was able to start this after a week, but since this job is part-time, I continued to look for full-time work. The answer came from a landscaping company, basically a horticulture company. It pays well, has a good working environment and gives me a car so I don't have to take the bus to work every morning. I'm out in the fresh air all day and seeing different places in Vancouver.

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It happens like clockwork. What about karate training in Vancouver?

Fabian scalesNot as good as I know. After work, I searched the dojo more closely. Initially I had the idea of ​​finding a dojo like the one in Emden, meaning a permanent location where you could come all day. Unfortunately, this luxury is not available here; Clubs usually rent out a hall twice a week.

What did you experience when looking for a dojo?

Fabian scalesA lot of things. I sometimes found empty or wrong halls. Once there was a tap dance going on in the hall and I was wondering what kind of karate practice it was. But I was put off by prices that were too high or the wrong style or the wrong martial art.

Then the search won't go crazy. But do you have exercises you can do without instructions?

Fabian scalesYes, I did some exercise outside the park, which included some exercise equipment, specifically speed drills and some bodyweight strength training. My next thought was to join a gym. There I have other ways of doing sports, and maybe a big empty room in which I can practice for myself.

What's next in Dojo Quest?

Fabian scalesFortunately, I met someone whose friend plays karate and who wants to learn shodogan. He and his friend set up a small area in the living room with mats so I could teach him a kata and in turn practice for myself.

It was a nice, happy meeting, wasn't it?

Fabian scalesTrue, the boyfriend is very impressed after all, and he wants me to be his “sensei”. I will show him more katas in the future and eventually a friendship has developed from this.

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You said you moved into an apartment with other work and travelers. Are you still there?

Fabian scalesNo, after five nights in a hostel we moved to an Airbnb. Now we are back to the new accommodation and have been gone for four weeks.

In short, a great experience so far?

Fabian scalesAnyway, you will get to know a lot of nice people here, not necessarily locals, but a lot of work and travelers from different European countries with interesting stories and projects. So far, no day has been boring, especially in the beginning when a lot can happen in a single day in terms of work, accommodation and other plans.

Dirk de Vries