June 17, 2024

Elementary First World - Preview

Elementary First World – Preview

The third part of the Roll7 side skateboard will be available on PC and console in a few weeks. We were able to play the final PS5 version for almost hours and tell you in our preview report why we like “OlliOlli World” better than its predecessors.

Some games are so hard that you are about to bite the controller. The first two parts of the Oli Oli series are undoubtedly one of them. The courses are rather short, but the many challenging sections require maximum concentration and correct sequence of actions – often alternating in milliseconds. Otherwise you will lie face down and have to continue at the last checkpoint. Wait, barrier? Yes, you read that right: in the last part “OlliOlli World” you don’t have to complete a quick sidecroller action in most levels in one go, but you can get close to it little by little, so to speak. But that’s not the only element that makes “OlliOlli World” more accessible than its predecessors, without hardcore gamers fearing a loss of quality.

One lesson at a time

Just like before, your DIY skater (more on that later) masters all the tricks right from the start, which you can do mostly as usual…

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