Election winner ’embarrassed’ – this is the German youth’s word of the year – News

2020: “Lost”. The term describes insecurity or reassuring behaviour.

2019: No voting took place in 2019. So there was no word for this year’s youth.

2018: Honorary Man/Honorary Woman. The word refers to a man/woman who does something special for you.

2017: “I’m Beams.” The expression means “I” or “I” and is a stylistic tool of the Fong language, a linguistic phenomenon of social media.

2016: “Be Fly”. The expression comes from the hip-hop language and should mean something like: someone or something is “crazy”.

2015: “Smobie”. The word consists of smartphone and zombie. The compound word describes a person who is no longer aware of their surroundings because they are only staring at their smartphone.

2014: “what’s up”. Thus an entire sentence was chosen as the “word of youth”. Used to express when things are going well and everything is going right. But it is also used ironically: when things are not going well at all.

2013: “Babu”. The word means something like a boss or a leader. The term was popularized by German-Kurdish rapper Haftbifl – with his song “Shabus Knows Who Babu”.

2012: “Yolo”. This is an acronym and stands for “You only live once” – an invitation to take advantage of all opportunities for experiences.

2011: “booty”. The American expression describes “enviable charisma, ordinary and brilliant” or “positive charismatic aura.”

2010: Limbo Level. In 2010, young people used the term to describe low standards, for example on TV shows, at parties or in conversations.

2009: “hardening”. The word, based on Hartz IV, can mean something like being lazy or unemployed.

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2008: Rotten Meat Party. First “young word of the year” is a not-so-fun term for a 30-plus-year-old party.

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