July 15, 2024

Election Dynamics in Italy + Australian Trade + AI Governance • Europe.Table

Election Dynamics in Italy + Australian Trade + AI Governance • Europe.Table

  • Constitutional reform in Rome
  • Italy: A difficult search for partners for the alliance against Meloni
  • Events
  • The trade agreement with Australia has failed for the time being
  • Countries coordinate on regulation of artificial intelligence
  • Western Balkans: Von der Leyen pledges six billion
  • The Commission approves French aid to battery manufacturer Verkor
  • Roadmap for the Raw Materials Club
  • Brexit: Commission approves £20m for fisheries
  • Slovakia: Left-wing populist Takáš is the new Minister of Agriculture
  • Press review
  • Kai Zenner – AI influencer

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The political balance of power in Italy is currently in a state of flux. The Cabinet is expected to meet in Rome on Friday Launching the constitutional reform draft – A preliminary agreement was announced yesterday evening. Georgia Meloni’s right-wing conservative government has promised the country greater stability through a new electoral law. But the strongest leftist opposition forces, the Five Star Movement and the Democratic Party, see this The oversight mechanisms of the 1948 Constitution are in danger.

The essence of the plans is this Direct election of the Prime Minister. In the future, electoral alliances will have to put forward a candidate. It will also be difficult for the opposition to contribute to the formation of a new government majority. When the Prime Minister cannot rely on a majority. However, reform would require either a referendum or a two-thirds majority in both houses of parliament – ​​something that is difficult to envision given the fragmentation of the Italian party scene.

At the same time, left-wing parties find new unity About the Social Democrats of the Social Democratic Party. The coalition wants In the European elections Celebrate success against Meloni’s Fratelli d’Italia side next year. But the potential partners are at loggerheads and deeply divided given the geopolitical situation. You can read why a town of 150,000 people in Puglia still gives hope to the left in our region. analysis.

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Italy: A difficult search for partners for the alliance against Meloni

Elie Schlein, leader of the Italian Democratic Party (PD)

A few days ago, the mayoral elections took place in Foggia. Maria Aida Episcopo She managed to win the first round of voting, receiving 52% of the votes, and became the new mayor of Puglia. The striking thing: behind the candidate who is who Five Star Movement It was proposed, and the alliance came together, so to speak All centre-left parties in Italy united. the Democratic Party (PD), Italia Viva, Azioni – All those parties, Which does not reach a common denominator at the national level. “Together we win,” she said. Democratic Party Chairwoman Ellie ShlineAdding: “The alternative to the truth exists.”

Schlein has been the Democratic Party leader since MarchWhich can be compared to the German Social Democrats. When she was elected, the 38-year-old held out hope of standing up to the right-wing icon, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni of the Fratelli d’Italia party. Melonie Schlein himself was one of the first to congratulate him at that time. “I hope that electing a young woman at the head of the party will help the left look forward, not always just backwards.” Schlein himself said: “The election result is a clear mandate to reorganize the party from the ground up.” . “

The Social Democrats hold space behind Melones Fratelli

In the parliamentary elections that took place about a year ago, the Democratic Party obtained 19% of the votes. After a brief decline to 14% at the end of 2022, the party has remained relatively flat for several months Just below the 20 percent mark. This puts him in second place behind the ruling far-right Fratelli d’Italia party (currently 28.7 percent).

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