March 1, 2024

Media: Real is considering farewell to the Spanish League

Media: Real is considering farewell to the Spanish League

Florentino Perez, a supporter and initiator of the Premier League, is apparently exploring the possibilities of leaving La Liga. As reported by ‘Mundo Deportivo’, the Real Madrid president is currently considering turning his back on the Spanish League.

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The 74-year-old’s first goal is the Premier League. How such a change should take place, however, left the Catalan newspaper open. Another topic is the Bundesliga and the First Division – Perez is said to have tasked his staff with figuring out the possibilities of such a startling and unconventional change.

According to the report, this idea has matured in Perez because La Liga president Javier Tebas has emerged as a Premier League opponent. The power-hungry millionaire is troubled by the obstacles that Tebas puts in his way. The investor deal Tebas proposed, which Perez was said to have failed, prompted him to take such a step. All clubs in the league had to agree to the CVC deal – Los Blancos blocked the deal.

Britain’s exit from the European Union as an obstacle

According to Mundo Deportivo, Brexit may be an obstacle to a move to England. Since Great Britain is no longer a member of the European Union, accepting a non-British member would be legally complicated. In any case, the question remains more than how the ambitious project will be implemented.