These are all cancellations and replacement players for the weekend of the Pro Tour in Niedernhausen

Pro Tour weekends outside the UK tend to result in many cancellations from PDC Tour card holders. This weekend was no different with the two Players Championships taking place in Niedernhausen.

Nineteen Tour pass holders will be absent this weekend, including Gary Anderson, Nathan Aspinall, Joe Cullen, Johnny Clayton, Michael Smith, Ryan Searle and Peter Wright. Other absentees are Danny Pages, John Brown, Jimmy Clark, Andrew Gilding, Ryan Joyce, Boris Koltsov, Boris Krakmar, Cameron Menzies, John Michael, Josh Rock, Jim Williams and James Wilson.

Their place will be taken by the best players in the Challenge Round, the second category of the PDC. Roman Beneke, Leighton Bennett, Gary Blades, Pete Burgoyne, Stephen Burton, Matthew Edgar, Michael Flynn, Daniel Klose, Thomas Lovely, Scott Marsh, Jim Moston, Stephen Noster, Colin Osborne, Owen Roelofs, Karyl Sedlasek, Thibault Tricol, Jeremy Van The substitutes were Der Winkle, Carlo van Beer and Scott Williams.

The same applies to Jacques Labrey from France. It is not yet known who is the twenty withdrawn player.

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