October 4, 2023


Post-retirement recovery from MLRS

The German army has disposed of a portion of the MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) multiple rocket launchers. About thirty years ago, more than 150 systems were purchased, 38 of which are still in use after conversion to MARS II medium missile systems.

NATO’s Federal Office of Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support works with the NATO Procurement and Support Agency (NSPA) to recycle discarded systems. As the NSPA writes, the agency inspects vehicles to be salvaged and performs the disarmament, dismantling and disposal (D3) of all remaining and unusable components and materials, and the sale of marketable items (such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals).

Reusable components, tested, refurbished and ready to store. Photo: NSPA

The recovered parts are expected to support the maintenance of the remaining MARS/MLRS fleet until at least 2035. The NSPA said some other parts will support the upgrade of the UK’s existing fleet and the rest will be sent to the NSPA’s Parts Shop for expected repairs.

In the workshop, MRLS is divided into usable and unusable components and materials, Photo: NSPA

With this example of a circular economy, the long-term supply of the German MARS/MLRS fleet is guaranteed with obsolete parts, according to the NSPA. It will show how states can generate revenue from the sale of marketable materials, reduce recycling costs by integrating parts with other MLRS states, and promote responsible waste management practices.

Editorial / GUAT

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