May 22, 2024

Education and Science Union: The rich should help fund education

In the view of the Union for Education and Science (GEW), the wealthy in society must contribute more so that education in Germany can be adequately financed.

“The right tool for this is to impose higher taxes on large inheritances,” GEW President Mike Wienern told the Stuttgarter Zeitung and Stuttgarter Nachrichten newspapers on Saturday. If someone receives a huge inheritance, it is income that he did not earn himself. “Those who inherit a lot have better chances than others. That is why it would be right for the state to redistribute more here – in the interests of greater equality of opportunity,” said Finnern.

The union leader said she did not want to burden those who inherited their parents' small single-family home. It's about a really big inheritance. “There are enormous amounts of money passed down between generations,” Finnern said. It would only be fair to invest a little of it in achieving greater equality in education.

“As a union, we also believe that raising the top tax rate to further invest in education is the right thing to do.” The money is well invested in schools; Every euro invested brings multiple returns – with a view to the country's future.

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