December 2, 2023

DoorDash starts in Germany The largest US delivery platform comes to Stuttgart and expands to Europe for the first time

DoorDash starts in Germany The largest US delivery platform comes to Stuttgart and expands to Europe for the first time

Stuttgart/Berlin (ots) – DoorDash ( is located in Germany. The largest US delivery platform starts in Stuttgart and expands to Australia, Canada and Japan for the first time in Europe.

DoorDash was founded in 2013 and helps local and national retailers and restaurants to reach new customers online and expand their business with its tools and services. DoorDash currently connects more than 20 million customers in more than 7,000 cities with more than 500,000 local businesses and restaurants each month. This enables businesses of all kinds to thrive in the convenience economy, as DoorDash connects consumers with the best restaurants and shops in their immediate vicinity.

“We are delighted to be present in Europe with the entry of Germany. Our aim is to strengthen and strengthen the local economy. The cornerstones of our platform are merchants, postmen, as well as customers. All of them we want to explain, co-founder and CTO of DoorDash Andy Fang.” Stuttgart has an art Very diverse cooking, and we want to boost it even more with DoorDash.”

With the DoorDash app, customers in Stuttgart can now order from a large number of their local favorites, including Masseria, Carls Brauhaus, Enchilada, Mela Kaffee, Frittenwerk and Wirtshaus Drive as well as gastro concepts popular across Germany such as KFC, Burger King and Go Blunt. or L’Osteria.

DoorDash also gives Stuttgart retailers access to the Storefront product, a personalized online ordering system that enables restaurant customers to place pick-up and self-delivery orders directly in the store. Merchants looking for ways to reach their existing customer base can add Storefront to their websites, and fulfill online orders seamlessly.

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Both the storefront and the DoorDash marketplace app offer the option of delivery and collection. Customers can either place an order and have it delivered to the specified location, or they can pre-order the products and pick them up when they are ready. Initially in Germany, Storefront will be commission-free for shops until the end of the year, with the only costs for merchants being payment processing fees.

“We are very pleased to be able to work with DoorDash from the start in Stuttgart,” says Caroline de Sadler, who runs Deli Masseria in Stuttgart. “Unlike other service providers, DoorDash supports us more comprehensively with retailers and restaurants with its products like Storefront. The technology platform helps us create successful local online businesses in addition to our stores and tailor our offering optimally to meet the needs of our customers.”

In its expansion in Germany, DoorDash also places great importance on sustainability. For example, the platform wants to be as climate-neutral as possible when it comes to delivery. In addition to e-bikes for delivery companies, DoorDash also collaborates with Watershed (, an organization that aims to support companies with very specific projects to achieve a balanced CO2 balance. After each order, customers have the option in the DoorDash app to choose how to offset their carbon dioxide emissions. DoorDash has also teamed up with Zoomo (, a micro-mobility specialist also committed to carbon-neutral cities, to provide its transport companies with e-bikes, and thus are carbon-neutral.

This is how DoorDash works

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For clients:

DoorDash offers a variety of the best grocery and local produce. DoorDash is a simple web or app platform with secure payment processing. Customers can see where their orders are at any time and also have the option to contact drivers. Consumers can download the app here ( (iOS) or here ( ?id = com.dd.doordash & hl = de & gl = US) (Android).

For business customers (traders):

DoorDash connects retailers and restaurants with their customers – via a very easy-to-use web service and app that meets the highest standards of consumer experience. In addition, business customers receive interesting data insights that help them successfully digitally develop their business while at the same time maintaining complete control over their offerings such as product presentation and corresponding images. 75 percent of all restaurants say DoorDash has helped them reach new customers. More information is available here. (

About DoorDash

DoorDash is a technology company that connects consumers with their favorite local and national businesses in more than 7,000 cities. In the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and now in Germany. Founded in 2013, the company enables local businesses to meet new consumer demands for order and easy and prompt delivery, and thrive despite fierce competition on the internet and convenient economy. With the help of smart last-mile logistics, DoorDash connects local retail right next door.

Portrait: Andy Fang, co-founder and chief technology officer, DoorDash ( (Credit: DoorDash)

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