Britons are happy thanks to the Queen

BUK watchers are caught up in conflicting perceptions for now. At first, they witnessed a popular four-day party for the Queen, where the British showed themselves from the best side: energetic, generous, creative, self-imitators and, above all, united. As soon as the “Platinum Jubilee” was over, the raging political struggle brought the other side of the nation to the fore. The ongoing dispute over the controversial prime minister reflects sharpness, bitterness, self-doubt and internal turmoil.

In order to bring the two perspectives together, it helps to combine the short and long perspectives. Britain’s exit from the European Union, less than six years away, has undoubtedly poisoned the mood in the country. Even if there was no discussion of reversing the decision, the animosity did not go away. I have turned. Those who see the country on the wrong track pin their disappointment or anger on Boris Johnson. They see Brexit as an irresponsible gamble that manifests itself in the prime minister’s behavior and political trajectory.

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